Problems? Try these steps:

  1. Suction Cup Mount Installation
  2. Air-Vent Clamp Installation
  3. CD Slot Mount Installation
Suction Cup Mount Installation
Air Vent Clamp Installation
CD Slot Mount Installation


Most frequent questions and answers


a) Try to clean the surface (dashboard or wlndshleld) with a wet tower.
b) Rinse the suction cup with warm water and air-dry the suction cup gel pad. The sticky gel will regain Its function and can be reusable In the long run.


a) Try to connect the USB cable Into another power source or connect to a different car charger adapter.
b) If you are using the car charger adapter from 3rd party vendor, please make sure the adapter Is functional.


a) Please contact us at support@chargenlus.com and we would glad to send you a replacement part. All our products carry 1-year warranty and llfetlme support.


We recommand using Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 3.0 Car Adapter. Qualcomm certified car adapter is tested by UL Labs and passed several tested to ensure the charger will not burn the car fuse or damage your USB devices.

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